Lead with Freedom Summit:
5 Secrets to Fearless Leadership
for Breakthrough Growth

If you're a CEO, entrepreneur, or top leader,
you're invited to discover how to release the full potential
of you and your team by leading with
freedom over fear.

Independent research shows that leaders who lead
with a freedom-centered, democratic approach
rather than a fear-based style, average 700% greater
revenue growth over three years compared
to S&P 500 companies. 

Join us for this inspiring live virtual
leadership summit to get growing in 2024!

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Are you a CEO, entrepreneur, or top leader who wants to lead in a way that unleashes your team's full potential, accelerating growth? If yes, then this event is for you! Get ready to:

Discover the power of a democratic leadership style

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Develop crucial listening and communication skills

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Boost your self-worth

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Develop a fearless mindset

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Discover how to set your team up for flexibility that works

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Delegate and collaborate like a pro

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Break through fear to accelerate growth

Create a culture everyone loves

Are you the kind of leader others want to follow? 
Your team is only as good as YOUR leadership skills! Join us for an exclusive virtual leadership event and kick off your new year right with Traci Fenton, creator of the Freedom at Work leadership strategy, along with global CEO special guests, who will share their inside secrets for how to fully engage your team and accelerate growth by leading with freedom over fear and control. 

Leaders embracing a more democratic and freedom-centered rather than hierarchical and fear-based leadership approach are exponentially more effective.

Successful leadership is all about growing yourself so you can lead your team to break through fear to achieve your goals. Having the right leadership skills and proven tools to do this with confidence and clarity is the most important leadership skill you’ll ever acquire.

Join Traci and special guest CEOs from around the world to discover how leading with freedom over fear can transform your team, your leadership approach, and your life. 


This event is for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders.
If that's you, register now and watch this exciting and inspirational event!



The #1 Hidden Thing Impacting Your Leadership Effectiveness

Uncover the hidden obstacle keeping you from being more effective as a leader and why and it's not what you think.

The #1 Thing Leaders Must do to shift their mindset from fear to possibility

Discover how to instantly overcome the stress, self-doubt, and fear that comes with leading a team.

The #1 Thing that Develops Better Communication Skills

Discover this one surprising thing that dramatically improves the way you communicate with your team. 

The #1 Thing You Must Hire for to Build a drama-free team

Unlock the #1 secret thing you absolutely must hire for to build a drama-free team that gets the job done. 

The #1 thing you must do to develop a healthy team culture

Unlock the game-changing leadership style that fuels relentless progress, transforming your team's culture into an unstoppable force of success.

The #1 Leadership Skill You Must have to keep it all in balance

Get ready to discover the crucial leadership skill that's needed to maintain balance and joy as you optimize the way you lead.
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Meet Your Leadership Coach + Special Guests


Traci Fenton

Founder + CEO of WorldBlu and
Author of Freedom at Work

What exactly is Freedom-Centered Leadership and how can it help you overcome fear, accelerate growth, boost your team's spirit, and transform your life?

Meet Traci Fenton, Founder + CEO of WorldBlu and author of the book, Freedom at Work. Traci and her team have spent nearly three decades working with leaders in over 100 countries helping them shift from fear-based to freedom-centered leadership in order to optimize their organizations and their life.

Traci is a “Thinkers 50 Radar” award winner, an  Inc. Magazine “Top 50 Leadership Thinker,” received the Game Changer award for “Outstanding Results in Shaping the World,” is a  “World-Changing Woman in Conscious Business” winner and a Marshall Goldsmith “Top 100 Coach.” Traci has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal and hundreds of other media outlets worldwide.


Miranda Ash

Master Coach at WorldBlu

Miranda Ash joined WorldBlu in 2009, initially grappling with her self-worth. Through embracing the concept of self-worth tied to Freedom-Centered Leadership, she blossomed. Today, as a Master Coach at WorldBlu, Miranda assists global leaders in rediscovering their inherent value. Her 20+ years in leadership and organizational transformation spans renowned brands like DaVita, The WD-40 Company, Zappos, and more. Miranda's expertise extends across corporates like Aon, SMEs, and NGOs, aiding clients such as BP, RSA, BAE Systems, and Lend Lease. Through Freedom at Work™, she's enabled countless breakthroughs and speaks globally on cultivating high-performance, freedom-centered workplace cultures. 

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Special Guest: Brandon T. Adams

Emmy® Award-Winning Producer + Investor

What does it truly take to reach the pinnacle of success, face the daunting challenge of losing it all, and then embark on the journey of rebuilding from scratch? Brandon T. Adams, two-time Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, CEO, and investor has gone on this journey and will share invaluable insights on cultivating a fearless mindset necessary for true leadership. As the visionary behind Accelerant Media Group and a driving force in KBBAT with Kevin Harrington from "Shark Tank," they are dedicated to scaling businesses to nine and ten figures. With a portfolio exceeding $750 million, they aim to surpass the $1 billion mark. 

Over the past decade, Brandon has raised over $90 million for various companies. His collaborations include top organizations like XPRIZE, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Kevin Harrington Enterprises, He inspires others through his show, "Success in Your City," and the #1 best-selling book, "The Road to Success" co-authored with his accomplished wife, Samantha Rossin.


Special Guest: Garry Ridge

Chairman Emeritus, The WD-40 Company
and "The Culture Coach", a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Organization

What does it entail to transform a publicly traded manufacturing company into a thriving WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Company? How can one muster the courage to navigate the complexities of dealing with investors who may not fully grasp the nuances of a democratic leadership approach? And how do you shift a culture dominated by fear into one characterized by continuous learning, robust engagement, and unwavering trust?

Enter Garry Ridge, the visionary former CEO and Chairman Emeritus of the internationally-recognized WD-40 Company, who, along with his exceptional team, accomplished precisely this feat. Employing strategies and expertise aligned with the Freedom at Work methodology, they achieved a remarkable quadrupling of their market capitalization, catapulting it from $250 million to an astounding $2 billion.


Niki Forray 2

Special Guest: Niki Forray

Founder + CEO, Balloon World Hungary, a WorldBlu Certified Freedom-Centered Organization

How can you cultivate and sustain a Freedom-Centered Leadership, particularly when faced with the challenges of a war looming on your doorstep, and the constant battle against fears related to inflation, instability, and negative economic growth? In trying times, how can leaders resist the temptation to revert to authoritarian control and instead continue to lead with a democratic approach?  Niki Forray, the visionary Founder and CEO of Balloon World Hungary, will share the path she has courageously forged alongside her dedicated team.

For Niki, Freedom-Centered Leadership is the cornerstone of her success. She firmly believes in granting her employees the freedom to flourish, a practice that's not widely adopted in her home country. Trust, love, and open communication form the bedrock of her leadership style, enabling her to travel for extended periods without disrupting daily operations. Niki underscores the significance of team building and a rigorous selection process when assembling her workforce.



Special Guests: John and Merline Engle

Founders + Co-Executive Directors of Haiti Partners, a WorldBlu Certified Freedom-Centered Organization

What's it like to run a WorldBlu-certified Freedom-Centered School in the heart of a war-torn Haiti? How does Freedom-Centered Leadership help in a challenging environment like Haiti?  John and Merline Engle will share one of their key leadership secrets to their remarkable experience of sustaining Haiti Partners and their school, ADECA, amidst the chaos of gang warfare and tremendous instability. It's a testament to how Freedom-Centered Leadership has played a pivotal role in their courageous journey.

Merline Engle, co-founder of Haiti Partners, is a Haitian-American dedicated to the values of education, hospitality, and entrepreneurship. With unwavering commitment, she carries forward her family's tradition of giving back to her homeland. John Engle, co-founder of Haiti Partners, has spent a significant part of his 26-year journey based in Haiti. He has provided his expertise to organizations like the World Bank and USAID, focusing on collaborative leadership.

Perry Timms option 2

Special Guest: Perry Timms

Founder and Chief Energy Officer of PTHR,
a WorldBlu Certified Freedom-Centered Organization

Curious about the secret to crafting a truly vibrant and energized workplace? Wondering how to establish a company where employees eagerly embrace their roles, striking a harmonious balance between work and life, and cherishing the workplace culture they're part of? Look no further than PTHR, a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Company.

Perry Timms is the mastermind and Chief Energy Officer at PTHR and his journey has led him, and his team, to create some remarkable democratic best practices for cultivating precisely the kind of workplace culture you've been yearning for! Perry's remarkable influence in the field of HR has earned him a place on HR Magazine's HR Most Influential list and the Number 1 spot as the Most Influential Thinker in HR for 2022. He has been honored with induction into the HR Most Influential Hall of Fame and his two books, "Transformational HR," earned its place among the Top 100 Business Strategy books of all time and "The Energized Workplace," was a nominee for the UK Business Book of the Year in 2021.


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Hear Why CEOs and Top Leaders Love
Our Leadership Approach


Freedom-Centered Leadership changed my team's culture. We were hit with a ball of motivation, inspiration, and happiness. We changed three old processes which brought even more enthusiasm.

Aiki Arro

CEO| The Sugar & Salt Marketing Agency


With Freedom-Centered Leadership, we've grown more than 12x. Our growth and success is a direct result of leading with freedom over fear and control.

Matt Perez

COO | Nearsoft Encora


Freedom-Centered Leadership is life-changing. It helped me grow my company on average 23% each year over the past 10 years.

Matthew Gonnering


Dallas Kpg

Freedom-Centered Leadership ultimately helped us grow and took our new spin-off from $0 to a $175 million sale in just two years.

Dallas Kashuba


Nathan Donaldson - 2 2

As a result of the Freedom-Centered leadership strategy, we've grown 63% in one year.

Nathan Donaldson

CEO | Boost


Thanks to Freedom-Centered Leadership, our sales have quadrupled and our market cap has increased from $250 million to over $2 billion.

Garry Ridge

Chairman Emeritus | WD-40 Company