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Unlock the potential of your team with WorldBlu's transformative workshops, where leadership shifts inspire culture change.

Through interactive sessions and cutting-edge strategies, we help you develop top leaders and a culture of freedom over fear. Watch as your team gets unstuck and flourishes, achieving breakthrough success together.

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What Can you Expect from a WorldBlu Workshop?

Are You a CEO, C-Suite Leader, Chief of People, Talent or Culture or Learning & Development professional looking for transformational Leadership and culture training? If so, you're in the right place.

At WorldBlu, all of our award-winning workshops are designed to help shift your leadership and culture from a fear and control-based approach to a more freedom-centered, democratic leadership style that inspires personal accountability, reflection, and inner transformation - driving performance and growth.

Here's what you can expect from a WorldBlu leadership workshop:

Proven practices

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Interactive activities

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Engaging facilitation

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Impactful and meaningful

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Clear objectives

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Relevant content

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Real-world applications

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Supportive environment


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Measurable outcomes

Experience our workshops tailored to cultivate top-tier leaders and teams, crafted with our distinctive, award-winning methodology. Trusted by hundreds of the world's most respected brands, our approach is tried, tested, and proven to deliver exceptional results.

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Discover the Benefits of a
WorldBlu Leadership Workshop


Enhanced leadership skills

Team Alignment and Trust


Innovative problem-solving


Heightened employee engagement

Improved communication


Fearless Thinking


Real-World Case Studies

Boosted productivity

High Self-Worth Leaders

Breakthrough Innovation

I want to develop fearless worth 

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The Freedom at Work Accelerator

For C-Suite, Executive Leaders, and Managers
3 or 6 Hours | Live + Blended Learning

Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to lead your organization - one that inspires greater engagement, innovation, and performance from your team? Look no further than our Power Your Company With Freedom at Work® workshop.

In this transformative live workshop, we'll challenge the traditional command-and-control, hierarchical leadership approach and explore how to cultivate a democratic, freedom-centered culture that unleashes your employees' full potential. Forget about micromanagement and fear-based policies - we'll show you how to build a workplace built on trust, accountability, and empowerment.

Whether you're a C-suite executive or manager, you'll leave with practical strategies to transform your organization from the inside out. Get ready to unlock a new season of freedom-driven success and watch your team get unstuck, inspired, and growing.

*The Freedom at Work Accelerator online course come with this workshop.


Fearless Mindset: 5 Steps To Overcoming Fear and Stress to Lead with Unshakable Confidence

For All Levels of Leaders
90-minutes or 3 hours | Live and Blended Learning

As a leader, you know that fear and stress can be the kryptonite to performance, innovation, and growth. But what if you could transform the way your employees deal with fear and stress so that everyone can perform better and make smarter decisions? 

In our Fearless Mindsetworkshop, we'll guide your employees through 5 powerful steps to overcome anxiety, self-doubt, and overwhelm, to cultivate a mindset of fearless courage, resilience, and mental well-being.

Whether you're employees are grappling with tough decisions, navigating organizational change, or simply looking for your next big idea, this interactive session will equip them with practical tools to master their emotions, expand their comfort zone, and make fear their greatest ally. Prepare to challenge limiting beliefs, embrace vulnerability, and unlock the transformative potential of a fearless mindset. 

*The Fearless Mindset online course is also included with this workshop for all participants.


Fearless Worth: How Knowing You Matter Transforms the Way You Lead

For All Levels of Leaders | 3 hours | Live

Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome or felt like you're not making the impact you're capable of? The root of these challenges often lies in a lack of self-worth - the belief that you truly matter and have unique value to offer.

In our highly unique Fearless Worth workshop, we'll guide your employees on a profound journey of self-discovery to uncover their authentic worth and how it can revolutionize their approach to leadership.

Through interactive exercises and thought-provoking discussions, employees will learn to silence their inner critic, embrace their vulnerabilities, and cultivate an unshakable confidence that empowers them to make bolder decisions, inspire their team, and leave a lasting legacy.

Whether an emerging leader or a seasoned executive, this transformative workshop will equip your employees with the mindset and tools they need to lead with greater self-worth and impact. Get ready to unleash your employees' inherent worth and watch them soar.

Communication Skills

Fearless Purpose: Discover Your Purpose for a Meaningful Life

For All Levels of Leaders | 3 hours
Live and Blended Learning

Feeling stuck and seeking more meaning in life? You're not alone. Many of your employees may be grappling with the same question: "What is my true purpose?" 

In our Fearless Purpose workshop, we'll guide your team on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through interactive exercises and thought-provoking discussions, participants will dive beneath the surface to uncover their authentic purpose - the driving force that can unlock their greatest potential.

Investing in this workshop isn't just about developing your employees as individuals. It's about positioning your entire organization for long-term success. When your team members feel a deep sense of meaning and direction, they'll approach their work with renewed passion, creativity, and commitment - driving innovation, boosting productivity, and creating a positive, purpose-driven culture.

*The Fearless Purpose™ online course is also included with this workshop for all participants. 


Freedom-Centered Leadership:
3 Unconventional Skills for High Impact Leadership

For All Levels of Leaders | 90-minutes or 3 hours
Live and Blended Learning

Have you ever wondered what sets truly impactful leaders apart? In our Freedom-Centered Leadership™ workshop, we'll dive deep into 3 unconventional skills that empower leaders to drive transformative change.

Forget the traditional command-and-control approach - in this interactive session, employees will learn how to cultivate a democratic, freedom-centered leadership style that inspires personal accountability, fosters psychological safety, and unlocks your team's full potential.

Whether you're a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, employees will leave with practical strategies to lead with greater power, higher self-worth, and the Ubuntu spirit. Get ready to challenge the status quo and unlock a new season of freedom-driven success in your team.

*The Freedom-Centered Leader™ All-Access Pass is included with this workshop for a select number of your participants. 

Here's Why CEOs
Love The Results We Get


Thanks to WorldBlu, our sales have quadrupled and our market cap has increased from $250 million to over $2 billion.

Garry Ridge

Chairman Emeritus | The WD-40 Company


With WorldBlu, we've grown more than 12x. Our growth and success is a direct result of Freedom at Work.

Matt Perez

COO | Nearsoft Encora


WorldBlu’s strategy ultimately helped us grow and took our new spin-off from $0 to a $175 million sale in just two years.

Dallas Kashuba

CEO | Dreamhost


As a result of WorldBlu, we've grown 63% in just one year.

Nathan Donaldson

CEO | Boost


WorldBlu has helped us grow on average 23% each year over the past 10 years.

Matthew Gonnering

CEO | Widen, an Acquia Company


Do you have a question about a WorldBlu leadership
workshop for Your Team? We have answers!

What is WorldBlu?

WorldBlu was founded in 1997 and is the the largest global membership of companies committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace in the world, with clients worldwide, representing over $30 billion in annual revenue in 100 countries.

Traci Fenton, Founder and CEO of WorldBlu and her team have helped hundreds of top companies and leaders around the world shift from hierarchical leadership and organizational structures to lead with more freedom-centered, democratic leadership and organizational design at well-respected brands such as WD-40, DaVita, HCL Technologies, Mindvalley, Pandora, Hulu, Zappos, GE Aviation, Groupo Elektra, and more in over 100 countries worldwide. WorldBlu has a vision of seeing one billion people working in freedom-centered organizations worldwide.

Research shows that WorldBlu’s Freedom at Work® leadership strategy is proven to deliver on average 700% greater revenue growth compared to S&P 500 companies over three years.

WorldBlu's founder, Traci Fenton has been recognized as a “Thinkers50 Radar” award winner, the “Oscars” of management, where she was called “a game changer in transforming the culture of organizations.” She was also named a “World-Changing Woman in Conscious Business” by SOCAP and recognized in Inc. magazine as one of the “Top 50 Leadership Innovators,” along with other world-class leaders such as Dan Pink, Brene Brown, and Marshall Goldsmith. She is also recognized as a Marshall Goldsmith “Top 100 Coach” and received the Game-Changer award for “Outstanding Results in Sharing the World.”

Traci has addressed audiences around the world, sharing her message of leading with freedom over fear with individuals from over 100 countries at wide-ranging organizations such as Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, the CIA, South by Southwest, Harvard University, Yale University, TEDx, the US Naval Academy as well as appearing at hundreds of other venues and on podcasts, TV, and radio shows.

WorldBlu has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, Real Clear Markets, Leader to Leader, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, NPR, the BBC, and dozens of other media outlets around the world as well as in over three dozen books. 

What are the core objectives and learning outcomes of WorldBlu's workshops?

WorldBlu's award-winning workshops are designed to help leaders and teams cultivate a more democratic, freedom-centered approach to leadership and culture. Key outcomes include increased personal accountability, psychological safety, and the courage to drive transformative change.

Why do some workshops say a live and blended format?

Our award-winning workshops are just the beginning. To ensure lasting, collective change, we've developed an incredible online learning platform that complements the live sessions.

These self-paced courses allow participants to dive deeper into the transformative concepts, reinforcing the lessons and empowering them to make a real, lasting impact. Paired with weekly group coaching, this blended learning approach produces powerful, sustainable results that maximize the value of your training investment.

Our unique methodology goes beyond surface-level training. By combining interactive workshops with ongoing digital learning and expert-led coaching, we're able to drive true, measurable transformation - both at the individual and organizational levels. It's a holistic, immersive experience that equips your leaders and teams with the mindset, skills, and support to create the freedom-centered culture you envision.

What does it mean when it says the workshop can be 90 minutes or 3 hours?

We offer our workshops in both 90-minute and 3-hour formats to accommodate the varying time and resource constraints of your organization.

The 90-minute sessions are ideal for engaging your broader employee base, providing practical takeaways they can apply immediately.

Our 3-hour workshops allow for deeper exploration, making them well-suited for C-suite leaders and senior executives. Regardless of the format, we tailor the content and delivery to maximize the impact and relevance for your specific needs.

Can you provide examples of how these workshops have driven measurable business impact for other clients?

Past clients have reported increased employee engagement, innovation, and retention after implementing the principles and proven practices learned in our workshops.

Many have also seen improvements in key metrics like productivity, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

Independent research on our approach has found that organizations that practice Freedom at Work overall average 700% greater revenue growth over three years compared to S&P 500 companies. You can read our white paper about it here. 

What is the format of the workshops?

All of our workshops are highly interactive, utilizing a blend of presentations, group discussions, hands-on activities, and personal reflection. 

Can you share the credentials and experience of the facilitators who will be leading our workshops?

WorldBlu's trainers are seasoned experts in the field of democratic, freedom-centered leadership and culture change. They have extensive experience guiding organizations through cultural transformations and are passionate about empowering leaders to create more fulfilling, impactful workplaces.

What is the investment required for our organization to participate in these workshops?

Our workshop fees include all training, facilitation, materials, post-workshop courses, and coaching support. We're happy to provide a detailed cost breakdown and discuss options to fit your budget and needs.

Can you share examples of how these workshops have supported organizations going through major transitions or transformations?

Many of our clients have leveraged our workshops to navigate significant changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, digital transformations, or shifts in business strategy. Our workshops equip leaders with the agility, resilience, and collaborative mindset required to lead their teams through complex, high-stakes transitions.

How can I find out more?

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