The Fearless Mindset Program

Transform your leadership with the Fearless Mindset™ Program.

Did you know that research suggests 80% of our daily thoughts are fear-based? Imagine the impact on your leadership effectiveness.

Through our 5-step process, you’ll break free from fear and uncertainty, gaining confidence to make bold decisions.

Join leaders from 100+ countries who have already improved their leadership, and mental well-being and accelerated their careers by overcoming limiting fear.

It's time to lead with a fearless mindset.


Next Program Runs from
July 1 - Aug. 31, 2024
Registration Deadline: June 30, 2024


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Transform Your Life and Career by Breaking Through Fear to Freedom

Is the Fearless Mindset Program right for you? Do you struggle with:

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Stress and anxiety

Layer 19

Fear of other's opinions of you

Layer 19

Difficulty making decisions

Burnout and overwhelm

Layer 19

Feeling stuck and afraid of failing

Layer 19

A desire for more meaning in life

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Imposter syndrome

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Self-doubt and procrastination

A scarcity mindset

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A feeling of unfulfilled potential

We've helped thousands of leaders worldwide cultivate the crucial leadership skill of a fearless mindset, transforming the way they live, lead, and work.

Join us in the Fearless Mindset™ program to discover how to lead with freedom over fear.


Register Now for the Fearless Mindset Program

Thank you for registering for the Fearless Mindset Program. The registration deadline is June 30, 2024. Questions? Please refer to the FAQ section below or contact us. Thank you!

Here's What Participants Will
Learn and Experience in the Progam. . .


Exploring a Fearless Mindset

Discover the surprising impact fear has on our thinking and how to overcome it, freeing you to make bolder decisions and lead with confidence.


Defining Fear

Gain a deeper understanding of what fear is, when it can be useful, and how to harness it to your advantage rather than letting it hold you back.

The Masks of Fear

Uncover the 7 insidious "masks of fear" that fool us into limiting our possibilities, so you can see through the illusions and embrace your full capabilities.

Fear in Our Lives

Benchmark the level of fear you have in different areas of your life, providing a clear roadmap for where to focus your efforts to achieve breakthrough results.

The Fear Purge

Challenge your assumptions about your fears and gain a fresh perspective on the obstacles standing in your way.

How to Make Smarter Decisions

Understanding how fear negatively impacts decision-making, you'll discover how to overcome short-sighted fear to make better long-term decisions. 


The Power Question Practice

Discover the proven 5-step "Power Question" practice for systematically defeating fear in every area of your life and business.

The Power Question Challenge

Embark on a 21-day journey of practicing the Power Question, transforming your mindset and unlocking sustained, tangible results.

Fearless Leadership

Explore the mindsets and behaviors of truly fearless leaders, and integrate these principles into your own leadership approach.

Cultivating a Fearless Culture

Learn how to foster a culture of fearlessness within your organization, empowering your team to innovate, take calculated risks, and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Identify and dismantle the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, freeing you to pursue your boldest dreams with confidence. 


Get Reenergized & Motivated

Knowing how to overcome fear becomes the catalyst that will reignite your drive, infusing each day with renewed energy, motivation, and clarity.


Increase Your Resilience

Navigate challenges with grace and resilience, bouncing back stronger than ever before because you know how to handle fear and stress better. 

Mental Well-Being

The Fearless Mindset course helps cultivate better mental well-being by teaching participants to shift their mindset away from fear and control towards a mindset of freedom and possibility.

I want to develop fearless worth 

Here's what's Included
with The Fearless Mindset Program


The Fearless Mindset Course

Master a fearless mindset with 10 modules, live coaching, and exercises, empowering responsible fearlessness. (valued at $3,500)

The Fearless Mindset program is a transformative experience that empowers leaders to overcome fear, unlock their full potential, and achieve extraordinary results. Grounded in proven techniques used by top organizations, this course goes beyond traditional mindfulness to facilitate a profound mindset shift. Participants will replace limiting beliefs with a fearless, freedom-centered perspective that fuels creativity, resilience, and decisive action. Through gamified learning, world-class coaching, and a supportive community, the Fearless Mindset program equips leaders with a proven 5-step practice to systematically defeat fear. Prepare to shatter self-imposed limitations, make bolder decisions, and lead with courage and conviction. This is no ordinary leadership course - it's a catalyst for lasting transformation that will get you and your team unstuck and achieving new levels of success.


Expert Coaching

Weekly live group coaching sessions to support your growth (valued at $10,000)

Join Traci Fenton, an award-winning leadership thinker and creator of the Fearless Mindset™ program, for 8 weeks of optional live group coaching (one hour each week for 8 sessions) designed to support your self-worth journey. With Traci's support, you'll unlock a fearless mindset alongside a community of like-minded leaders. Whether it's realigning your life, envisioning bigger possibilities, or breaking through to the next level, we're here to support you making decision from freedom rather than fear. 

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Global Network

Expand your network and develop lifelong friendships (priceless)

In the program, you'll join a dynamic global network of leaders united by a common goal: to lead fearlessly. Through engaging discussions and a shared experience, you'll build meaningful connections with peers who share your dedication to personal and professional growth. Our vibrant community will serve as a source of inspiration for you, providing invaluable insights and support as you help each other lead fearlessly! 

Fearless Mindset Course Badge

Fearless Mindset Certification

Earn your Fearless Mindset program certification

Once you've successfully achieved the milestone of completing all the required modules, what we refer to as "badges," you'll achieve certification in the Fearless Mindset program. This certification isn't just a piece of paper; it's a testament to the journey of growth and transformation you've undergone throughout the program. It symbolizes your dedication and the significant strides you've made toward leading with freedom over fear. 

Meet Your Coach: Traci Fenton

Founder + CEO of WorldBlu | Creator of the Fearless Mindset Program

Traci Fenton is the Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, creator of the Fearless Mindset™ program, and the author of Freedom at Work: The Leadership Strategy for Transforming Your Life, Your Organization, and Our World. Traci is a “Thinkers 50 Radar” award winner, has been recognized in Inc. Magazine as a “Top 50 Leadership Thinker,” received the Game Changer award for “Outstanding Results in Shaping the World,” was named a “World-Changing Woman in Conscious Business” and has been recognized as a Marshall Goldsmith “Top 100 Coach.”
What kind of leader are you?

Here's Why Leaders love the
Fearless Mindset Program


I love The Power Question Practice in the Fearless Mindset program and use it nearly every day.

Garry Ridge

CEO & Chairman


The Power Question Practice in the Fearless Mindset program helped me face fears and do something about them. As I face my fears I can hopefully help my team face their fears, which will lead to extraordinary customer service!

Ann Brown

Franchise Owner


I fully recommend the Fearless Mindset program to all human beings. It's the best self-awareness tool to date that I have come across. I was amazed by the effectiveness.

Garry Turner

International Product Manager


A MUST Experience! For me personally, the switch of perspective to a fearless way was eye-opening. We just have to recognize our power and how beautiful and fearless life is.

Alexandra Enke

Author & Coach


I have applied the Power Question Practice I learned in the Fearless Mindset program to several different scenarios and situations, and it has been amazing to see the results once fear is no longer a factor in my decision-making process.

James Nicolle

Product Owner


Discovering The Power Question Practice in the Fearless Mindset program helped me crawl inside the deepest, darkest places in my head, and crawl back out again. I now feel like I am standing in the sun with a map to guide me forward.

Callie de Roussan

Principal Product Designer


The Fearless Mindset program was as powerful as any diet, exercise program, habit-quitting, or spiritual mission I've ever done. I am now a more vulnerable, compassionate, and courageous leader.

Jake Athey

VP Product Marketing


This was an extremely effective experience for me. I was floored to see the effect and transformation I went through. I can hardly believe that some of the fears that used to concern me at all!

Chris Schroeder

Senior Director Product Management


Discovering The Power Question Practice helped me lose weight, build better relationships, and transform my life. I would describe the last year of my life as so much more fun throughout every experience I've had because of the Fearless Mindset program.

Susanne Jager

Auditor and Tax Advisor


Overcoming my fears has been one of the biggest "stones" in my life. The Fearless Mindset program has been a massive achievement in my life that has had direct results.

Eloy López del Río

Recruitment Team Lead


Have a question about the Fearless Mindset Program? We have answers!

Is the Fearless Mindset Program right for me?

The Fearless Mindset program could be an excellent fit if you are:

1. Seeking to cultivate a fearless mindset, rather than just practicing traditional mindfulness techniques. The program is focused on teaching a proven 5-step "Power Question Practice" to shift your mindset instantly for greater creativity, joy, and better decision-making.

2. Ready to make a real, lasting transformation in your thinking and behavior, not just gain theoretical knowledge. The program uses gamified learning, world-class group coaching, and a supportive community to facilitate tangible, sustainable results

3. Interested in learning techniques used by top leaders and organizations worldwide to build high-performing teams and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

4. Coachable and committed to personal growth. The program is designed for individuals who are ready to challenge themselves and implement what they learn.

5. Seeking to overcome any limitations or fears holding you back from realizing your fullest potential. The curriculum is focused on helping you identify and conquer fears in order to achieve your dreams at work and in your personal life. 

With its dynamic mix of live coaching, hands-on exercises, and inspirational guidance, this program empowers you to not only confront your fears head-on but also to lead with authenticity and inspire others to do the same.

If you're prepared to embark on a journey of profound growth, learn timeless tools, and build up your mental resilience, then the Fearless Mindset program is for you. 

What is the format of the program?

The Fearless Mindset program offers a dynamic blended learning experience.

Dive into self-paced, on-demand coursework online, and gain exclusive access to optional live weekly group coaching sessions led by Traci Fenton, the award-winning leadership expert behind WorldBlu and the Fearless Purpose program.


What are the dates for the program?

The program kicks off virtually on July 1, 2024, and wraps up on August 31, 2024.



When is the registration deadline?

The deadline to register for the Fearless Purpose program is June 30, 2024, or until all 20 seats are filled. 

How much does the program cost and what is included?

The Fearless Mindset program is a comprehensive package, including the course itself, featuring 10 modules designed to strengthen your mindset and transform your leadership approach from fear to freedom.

Along with the unique curriculum, participants benefit from optional weekly group coaching, membership in a global network of Fearless Purpose program alumni, and digital certification.

Valued at $13,500, the program offers early bird pricing at $797 for the first 10 seats and $997 for the remaining 10 seats—don't miss out on this limited opportunity to transform your life and enrich your leadership skill set.

How much time will the program take?

With a comfortable 8-week window to complete the program, you'll have the freedom to invest as much or as little time as you see fit.

We recommend dedicating 2 to 3 hours per week to the program. Attendance at optional weekly hour-long group coaching is entirely at your discretion. This is your fearless mindset journey and you can set the pace.

I want to do the program but I can’t afford it right now. Do you offer a payment plan?

Unfortunately, we're unable to offer payment plans due to limited program seats. Payment is required upon registration.

Once I get registered for the program, how do I get started?

Once we receive your registration and payment we'll send you a welcome letter with the steps on how to get started in the program on July 1st. 

Is the program refundable?

The program fee is non-refundable; however, it can be transferred to a future program date.

Kindly inform Collette, our Chief Coordinator, at collette (@) at least 10 business days prior to the program start date to request any changes.

What happens if I don't finish the program in 8 weeks?

What if life gets in the way? Fear not! The program is structured with flexibility in mind.

There are 10 modules or "badges" as we like to call them available to help you lead yourself and others with a fearless mindset. You will need to complete all 10 within the 8 weeks to formally complete the program. The work you complete will be available for you for up to three years following completion.

However, once the program is over, you will not have access to those badges you did not earn, so please make sure you plan so you can make the program worth your investment. 



What happens once the program is over?

Congratulations—you're now a Fearless Mindset program alumni! Access to program materials remains available for three years, (in compliance with GDPR privacy regulations).

Plus, stay tuned for potential in-person alumni gatherings in the future!


When will you offer the program publically again?

Yes, we'll offer the Fearless Mindset course four times a year. The future dates are:

Oct. 1, 2024 (register by Sept. 15, 2024)

January 1, 2025 (register by Dec. 15, 2024)

April 1, 2025 (register by March 15th)

July 1, 2025 (register by June 15th)

If you are interested in a different program date, please contact  Miranda Ash, Master Coach, at miranda (@) to reserve your seat!

I would like individual coaching support while I do the program. Is that an option?

Accelerate your mindset transformation with individual coaching sessions led by seasoned WorldBlu master coaches with bi-monthly coaching calls and unlimited email support for an additional $4,000/month (minimum two months with the program).

Please contact Miranda Ash, Master Coach, at to explore the possibilities!

We're interested in this program for our team, is that an option?

Interested in enrolling your team in a private Fearless Mindset program? Absolutely! Reach out to Miranda Ash, Master Coach at, and we'll discuss bringing the transformative Fearless Mindset program to your organization.

What is WorldBlu?

WorldBlu was founded in 1997 and is a top global leadership and culture training company, committed to spreading Freedom at Work,  with clients worldwide, representing over $30 billion in annual revenue in 100 countries.

Traci Fenton, Founder and CEO of WorldBlu and her team have helped hundreds of top companies and leaders around the world shift from hierarchical leadership and organizational structures to lead with more freedom-centered, democratic leadership and organizational design at well-respected brands such as WD-40, DaVita, HCL Technologies, Mindvalley, Pandora, Hulu, Zappos, GE Aviation, Groupo Elektra, and more in over 100 countries worldwide. WorldBlu has a vision of seeing one billion people working in freedom-centered organizations worldwide.

Research shows that WorldBlu’s Freedom at Work® leadership strategy is proven to deliver on average 700% greater revenue growth compared to S&P 500 companies over three years.

WorldBlu's founder, Traci Fenton has been recognized as a “Thinkers50 Radar” award winner, the “Oscars” of management, where she was called “a game changer in transforming the culture of organizations.” She was also named a “World-Changing Woman in Conscious Business” by SOCAP and recognized in Inc. magazine as one of the “Top 50 Leadership Innovators,” along with other world-class leaders such as Dan Pink, Brene Brown, and Marshall Goldsmith. She is also recognized as a Marshall Goldsmith “Top 100 Coach” and received the Game-Changer award for “Outstanding Results in Sharing the World.”

Traci has addressed audiences around the world, sharing her message of leading with freedom over fear with individuals from over 100 countries at wide-ranging organizations such as Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, the CIA, South by Southwest, Harvard University, Yale University, TEDx, the US Naval Academy as well as appearing at hundreds of other venues and on podcasts, TV, and radio shows.

WorldBlu has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, Real Clear Markets, Leader to Leader, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, NPR, the BBC, and dozens of other media outlets around the world as well as in over three dozen books. 

I'd like to speak with someone about the program, how do I do that?

Great, we'd love to speak with you as well! Please book a call here and a member of the WorldBlu team will connect with you.