The power question process – now yours for free!

Use the proven five-step Power Question Process developed by Traci Fenton, Founder of WorldBlu, to transform the way you think, lead and work by applying it to any challenge in your life.

Increase your level of clarity, effectiveness and abundance as a leader by learning how to break through limiting fears to help yourself – and others – achieve their full potential.  



  • Identify core fears keeping you back from realizing your full potential.

  • Give you an easy, five-step process you can use anytime and anywhere for moving through limiting fears to find your breakthrough answer.

  • Help you make better decisions based on possibility rather than fear and control.
  • Equip you with the one question that will help you -- and the people you lead – break through limiting fears and power forward.

  • Give you a process to help you and others work through challenges in order to find the "Power Answer."


Fear is one of the most disabling human emotions and most of the time is unfounded. The Power Question is a simple yet effective way that we can face the question of fear and conquer it. I love The Power Question and use it nearly every day.
– Garry Ridge, CEO, WD-40 Company 

I had the good fortune of working with Traci Fenton on The Power Question exercise recently. The experience, and her guidance, helped me identify the level of transparency, vulnerability, and thinking needed in order to evolve our company's culture. I'd recommend Traci and this process for anyone - or any organization - needing help finding purpose and focus for your path moving forward.
— Martha May, Senior Vice President - People and Inclusion, Rockwell Collins

WorldBlu has changed the world with The Power Question, which has made companies more profitable and more importantly, improved the lives of thousands of people from over 100 countries worldwide.
— Barry Boyer, Former CEO and Chair, Van Meter

I love The Power Question! It helps bring quick clarity to any tough situation, decision or dynamic – and not just in my business life. Confronting fear is always the first step in making progress. And WorldBlu’s simple process in working through fear should be every decision maker’s first step in problem solving.
— China Gorman, HR expert, author, speaker and former CEO, Great Place to Work Institute

I have used The Power Question in my personal life to bring up "difficult" topics with family and friends. The results have been priceless.
— Matt Perez, COO, Nearsoft

When facing a funding downturn due to a client pulling back on scheduled work, I asked The Power Question. It moved me from a free but dependent mindset with the client to a more liberated and adventurous approach to getting more work through alternative angles.  It restored a financially independent approach and I found a new client with a regular flow without even looking.
— Perry Timms, Head of Learning & Development, MediaZoo and Founder of PTHR

Fear is always one thing, be it large or small, that holds us back on any given day. The Power Question is a tool that helps me reframe almost any decision I face. It brings me back to my core and draws out a passionate being that wants to transform our world. 
— Mark Dowds, Chief Strategy Officer, Trov