The Freedom at work masterclass

november 8-9, 2017 | san diego, ca

In Just Two Days, Emerge with a Complete Strategy for Building and Leading a World-Class,

Freedom-Centered Workplace 

Powered by WorldBlu and taught by globally recognized thought-leader and creator of the Freedom at Work™ model, Traci Fenton, discover the precise strategy for how to transform your vision for your organization’s culture into reality, taking it to the next level of profitability and growth. 


This masterclass is for top leaders who refuse to build ordinary companies and are willing to level-up their game to create extraordinary workplaces with breakthrough results using the Freedom at Work™ model. 


why the traditional model of leadership and organizational design has failed us 


The traditional model of business – top-down, hierarchical, and fear-based – is no longer relevant in today’s post-Industrial Age (if it ever was). It was a model based in fear that was often dehumanizing, treated people as cogs in a machine, and thrived on fear. 


Many companies are trapped in fear, driven by a fear-based mindset, leadership style, and organizational design.


 But the secret many of the leaders of the world’s top-performing, post-Industrial Age businesses now know is this:


Transforming our organizations begins with shifting away from the traditional Industrial Age mindset to embrace a fundamentally different mindset – one that is based in freedom and possibility rather than fear and control. 


This inspired mindset allows us to think differently about the design of our workplaces, coming up with clear systems and processes that allow us to design more freedom-centered and democratic workplaces, untapping the full potential of employees. 


This new mindset and new design also mean a new style of leadership that is not about fear but is instead committed to creating an environment of growth, discovery, and progress.


It’s the model for today’s Democratic Age. 


That’s why we created the Freedom at Work™ model based on insightful research and real-world experience over the last two decades.


We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading companies, such as the WD-40 Company, Zappos, Menlo Innovations, DaVita, Dreamhost, Happy, Ltd., Mindvalley, Nearsoft, New Belgium Brewing, Widen, and hundreds more impacting over one million employees in over 80 countries worldwide all committed to Freedom at Work. 


The Freedom at Work model delivers proven results enabling organizations to achieve their full potential.


Our masterclass brings road-tested best practices, insider tips, and step-by-step strategies directly to you and your organization, giving you clarity and saving you time and money.


are you facing any of these challenges in your workplace?

 Disengagement  Lack of Trust
 Stress  Anger
 Toxic Culture  Bad Leadership
 High Stress Levels  Poor Communication
 Lack of Accountability  Bullying
 Fiefdoms  Bureaucracy
 Low Levels of Innovation  Lack of Transparency
 Fear  Generational Differences
 Unnecessary Hierarchy  Low Productivity
 Unclear How to Scale a Good Culture  High Turnover

If these are some of the challenges you are facing, then we welcome you to the Freedom at Work Masterclass!


the main problem - fear in the WORKPLACE

According to the Harvard Business Review, fear in the workplace is proven to produce these dysfunctional behaviors:


A lack of honest conversations

> Too much political game playing

> Silo thinking

> Lack of ownership + follow-through

Tolerating bad behaviors


Research shows that fear in the workplace produces over 500 negative consequences, including:


> Poor decision-making

Focusing on survival rather than growth

Inducing bad behavior the next level down

Failing to act unless there’s a crisis


The Freedom at Work Masterclass will give you proven strategies, methods, and tools for shifting your organization out of fear and into freedom, possibility, and growth.


The secret to success lies in the freedom at work model 

Traci Fenton | Founder + CEO | WorldBlu

In the Freedom at Work Model, we’ve codified how leading organizations are creating the optimal environments for success using freedom rather than fear in the workplace. 


Through a freedom-centered mindset, leadership style, and organizational design, they are achieving astounding performance.


We believe the Freedom at Work Model is the structure for business in a Democratic Age because it's adaptable to any organization, in any industry, of any size, anywhere in the world.


Freedom at Work Model FNL.jpg


Freedom at Work impacts culture, operations, products and services, and management—the four core elements of every organization. 

The effects are therefore far-reaching:

  • A Freedom-Centered Mindset is characterized by an expansive and inclusive perspective rather than a controlling and fear-based point of view. What does this mean for an organization? More exploration into new ideas and methods, a greater sense of ownership and accountability among employees, and a greater connection to the success of the organization overall. 


  • Freedom-Centered Design leads to a democratic organizational structure with less micro-management, greater sharing of information, and greater decision-making ability distributed throughout the organization. As a result, freedom-centered organizations tend to be more agile and productive, make wiser and more efficient use of their resources, innovating and executing with speed.


  •  Freedom-Centered Leadership creates cultures in which everybody—not just the elite few or those with a certain title—has the choice and responsibility to be a leader, beginning with effectively leading him or herself. They support individuals as they develop into leaders who have self-worth, self-knowledge, and can effectively self-govern. And when leadership is less about control and more about encouraging greater autonomy and collective wisdom, leaders become more transparent, honest, and inclusive.

Freedom at Work is not a laissez-faire, free-for-all approach to building an organization. It is a well-researched methodology for capturing every ounce of potential for greatness within a company.


Want to know more about the Freedom at Work Model? Watch Traci Fenton’s talk on it at the Freedom at Work Summit:

Traci Fenton | Founder + CEO | WorldBlu

THE FREEDOM AT WORK MODEL boosts revenue growth


WorldBlu conducted cutting-edge research to evaluate the strength of the WorldBlu-certified companies practicing Freedom at Work, comparing their revenue growth to that of S&P 500 companies.


We looked at cumulative revenue growth over a three-year period, from 2010 to 2013.


The results were groundbreaking. . . .


The S&P 500 companies achieved a 15% average cumulative growth rate.


The WorldBlu companies in our study achieved a staggering revenue growth rate of 103%.


Freedom-Centered Organizations saw an average revenue growth rate that was almost 7x greater than that of S&P 500 companies.


here's what FREEDOM AT WORK can do for your organization

Freedom at Work creates the optimal conditions for individual and organizational success by releasing the full potential of people through:


✓ A Strong Culture

✓ High Morale

✓ Inspired Leadership

✓ Bottom-line Growth

✓ High Trust

✓ Total Engagement

✓ Increased Innovation

✓ Customer Service Excellence

✓ Healthy Conversations

✓ High Engagement

✓ Clear Accountabilities

✓ Higher Productivity



worldBlu certified freedom-centered workplaces include:

DaVita Mindvalley WD-40 Zappos
 Geonetric Widen   Menlo Innovations  RevAsia


meet traci fenton, leadership expert and creator of the Freedom at Work model

Traci FentonTraci Fenton is the Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, which has a vision to see one billion people working in freedom-centered organizations worldwide. WorldBlu was founded in 1997 and is the largest global network of companies committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace, with clients in over 80 countries globally representing over $30 billion in annual revenue

Traci was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as a Top 50 Leadership Thinker, along with other world-class leaders such as Simon Sinek, Dan Pink, Brene Brown, and Marshall Goldsmith. 

Traci developed the groundbreaking Freedom at Work™ model as well as the Freedom-Centered Leader™ certification programs and frequently coaches and consults with leaders of companies worldwide working to embrace a more freedom-centered model. Traci also developed the life-changing The Power Question™ Process.

Traci frequently addresses audiences around the world and has shared her message with individuals from over 100 countries at organizations such as Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, the CIA, South by Southwest, Harvard University, Yale University, the US Naval Academy, and at TEDx.


What's it worth to you to have one of the most respected thought-leaders in leadership and organizational change give you her most effective strategies?


Traci has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, Fortune, Forbes, the BBC, and dozens of other media outlets around the world as well as in over three dozen books.


Traci has lived in San Francisco, Indonesia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, and Illinois and currently resides in Iowa City, which is in her home state. In her free time she loves to travel, hike, do yoga, ride horses, and go running with her Australian Shepherd dog, Joey. She holds a BA with honors in Global Studies and Entrepreneurship from Principia College and an MA in International Development from American University in Washington, DC.


what people are saying about traci fenton

China Gorman“One of the Most Inspiring Business Leaders In the World”

Traci Fenton is one of the most inspiring business leaders in the world. Pioneering concepts and practices that bring real freedom to workers and organization cultures, she and her WorldBlu colleagues are truly changing the way organizations achieve success.

– China Gorman, HR author and speaker, former CEO, Great Place to Work Institute


Garry Ridge“A First-Rate Speaker”

Traci is passionate about freedom. Freedom based on values that include integrity, dignity, purpose, accountability, and fairness. Having had the privilege of working alongside Traci in some of the WorldBlu endeavors, I have witnessed first hand her dedication. A first-rate speaker on freedom in the workplace!
– Garry Ridge, CEO of the WD-40 Company


Al Rowe“One of the Most Dynamic Leadership Innovators”

Traci Fenton is truly one of the most dynamic leadership innovators in the U.S. today.  Her breakthrough discoveries in Freedom-Centered Leadership are profound, practical, transformative, and abundantly focused upon modern workplace culture and learning.
– Al Rowe, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness, Kirkwood


Barry Boyer“Traci Fenton Has Made Companies More Profitable ”

Traci Fenton is one of those incredibly unique souls who has changed the world with her vision of Freedom-Centered Leadership, which has made companies more profitable and more importantly, improved the lives of thousands of people from over 100 countries worldwide.
– Barry Boyer, former CEO and Chair, Van Meter


Mark DowdsThe Companies and Leaders Who Work With Traci Are Setting The Pace For How Meaningful and Profitable Companies Should Operate”

Traci Fenton is an honest, dynamic, and transparent leader who lives to draw the same life and values out of the people and companies she engages with. She is committed to the transformation of people and corporations to see her vision of Freedom-Centered Workplaces come to reality. The companies and leaders who work with Traci are setting the pace for how meaningful and profitable companies should operate.
– Mark Dowds, Chief Strategy Officer, Trov


Justin Dillon“Traci is The Leader Whisperer”

Traci is the leader whisperer. She has the intimacy gene allowing her to speak deep truth to complete strangers. She's easy to trust because she is a practitioner of her message.
– Justin Dillion, Founder + CEO, Made In A Free World


Rich Sheridan“Traci has Built the Runway for Organizational Flight”

Traci Fenton has built the runway to organizational flight. Once teams experience Freedom at Work, they take off and then the sky is the limit. Her passionate pursuit of having one billion people working in freedom, a big, hairy, audacious goal that she will no doubt accomplish because she is the type of leader you just want to follow.
– Rich Sheridan, CEO, Menlo Innovations

here's what people are saying about the freedom at work masterclass

“We've Seen Significant Improvement to our Bottom-line and Employee Satisfaction”

I attended WorldBlu’s Freedom at Work Masterclass in the midst of our organizational restructuring at Geonetric. I was struggling with the many challenges (both personal and professional) that come with leading those kind of massive changes.

Linda BarnesThe Masterclass was truly life-altering. It was the perfect balance of teaching (case studies, videos, and best practice), reflection (quiet time alone to apply those lessons), and networking (insightful and meaningful interactions with smart, like-minded people). I came back recharged – equipped with a concrete understanding of what true freedom-centered mindset, design, and leadership look like and full of ideas on how to apply the concepts. 

In the year since then, we’ve built freedom-centered practices into our organization in many different ways. As a result we've seen an increase in employee satisfaction as well as significant improvement to the bottom line. WorldBlu's Masterclass was absolutely an investment with real value to me personally and to Geonetric. 
– Linda Barnes, CEO, Geonetric 


“I would definitely rank the Freedom at Work Masterclass as one of the most impactful of my life” 

Teresa LancasterTo say that the Freedom at Work Masterclass is transformational is an understatement.The conversations that would take place before, during, and after these events were simply put – brilliant. I have attended many events during my career.  I would definitely rank the Freedom at Work Masterclass as one of my all-time highlights and definitely the most impactful in my life and in turn our organization.
Teresa Lancaster, Head of Training and Development, Hagie


John Frith“I Highly Recommend It” 

The Freedom at Work Masterclass was a fantastic experience and one that is a highlight of my career. 
There is a really good balance between theoretical and action learning, with lots of focus on democratic thinking and The Power Question (I still ask myself this today). It was a great time to reflect on my personal strengths, my areas for development, and the actions that I wanted to take back into the workplace. I also had a lot of fun and have made friends for life who I still call on for advice and guidance. I highly recommend it.
John Frith,  HR Director, Customer and Commercial, De La Rue Plc




The Freedom at Work Masterclass makes it faster, easier, (and more fun!) to build a world-class, Freedom-Centered Workplace.

Traci Fenton will teach you how to create a world-class organizational design and culture that attracts and retains top talent and inspires full engagement by giving you the clarity, proven strategies and techniques, and best practices to succeed.

We will take you deep into the Freedom at Work Model, teaching you the same strategies that companies around the world have used to be successful.

The Freedom at Work model is a strategic and comprehensive and has proven results in every industry, regardless of geography or size.

The Freedom at Work Model has proven to deliver on average 7x the revenue growth compared to the S&P 500.


As a result of the Freedom at Work Masterclass, you will have a proven strategy for how to bring freedom and organizational democracy rather than fear and control to your workplace.


How long will you have to hunt around to find your answers? Perhaps you’re still going from course-to-course, seminar-to-seminar trying to figure out how to effectively transform your workplace.


The problem is that most methods are not strategic, are cookie-cutter and they aren’t proven to deliver bottom-line results.


Why should you spend 20 years figuring out what we’ve devoted the last two decades to developing for you?


Traci Fenton and WorldBlu have already done it for you and have proven it works with companies worldwide.


Rather than wasting money and time on one-off workshops, at the Freedom at Work Masterclass you will gain access to original content you simply cannot get anywhere else.


You will leave with a clear and comprehensive strategy that touches on the three main areas of organizational transformation and leadership change that most courses never even recognize, let alone teach you how to address.


You will leave knowing how to put the tools, systems, methods, and best practices we teach you immediately to work back at your workplace.


Let Traci Fenton and WorldBlu teach you how to do it faster so that you can start seeing results in your workplace today.


At The Freedom at Work Masterclass, you will learn –


How to strategically design, develop, and lead a Freedom-Centered Company.

> How to shift your mindset in an instant from fear into freedom in order to make better decisions – and teach others to do the same.

> How to design a comprehensive Freedom at Work map that immediately addresses core business challenges and outlines action steps.

> How to address core problems using organizational democracy rather than outdated command and control methods.

> How to consciously develop by living the three core attributes of a freedom-centered rather than fear-based leader, and help others do the same.

> Tour a world-class, WorldBlu-certified Freedom Centered Workplace™ and talk with the CEO for an exclusive Q&A session.

> Develop connections and network with other world-class leaders committed to Freedom at Work and similar core values. 

who should attend?

The Freedom at Work Masterclass is designed for the top leaders and decision-makers responsible for the strategic direction and culture of their organization.

+ Managing Directors

+ CEOs and other members of the C-suite

+ Heads of HR, Talent, Learning and Growth (and equivalent positions)


the freedom at work masterclass schedule

The Freedom at Work Masterclass starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. and goes until 5:30 p.m.


Please plan to arrive by 8:30 a.m. each morning and plan to stay for the entire day.


There will be a morning and afternoon break and lunch provided.


Here’s what we will cover –


day one: morning session > freedom-centered mindset

+ Overview of the Freedom at Work™ Model and why it works

+ “Envision Your Culture” vision exercise

+ Introduction to Freedom-Centered Mindset, the first dimension of the Freedom at Work Model

+ Interactive activities that uncover fear in your personal life and workplace in order to unleash and   enhance personal leadership and organizational performance

+ Discover the ground-breaking Power Question™ and the 5-step Power Question™ Process and how to use it in your organization to create lasting transformation and impact

+ Learn and practice the 5 Levels of Listening

+ Learn the pitfalls to avoid as you develop a Freedom-Centered Mindset and help others do the same

+ Learn how to take what you’ve learned in this section back to your organization to start applying immediately


DAY one: afternoon SESSION > FREEDOM-CENTERED leadership

+ Introduction to Freedom-Centered Leadership™, the second dimension of the Freedom at Work Model

+ Explore if you’re on the path to freedom-centered or fear-based leadership through the Freedom-Centered Leader Self-Assessment™

+ Discover the three core attributes of a Freedom-Centered Leader and how understanding and living these attributes can solve almost any leadership or behavior challenge you face

+ Interactive activities as you explore the three dimensions of Freedom-Centered Leadership

+ Learn the pitfalls to avoid as you develop as a Freedom-Centered Leader and help others do the same

+ Tour the inspiring new offices of Happy, Ltd., a WorldBlu-certified Freedom-Centered Workplace™ and see how they put the Freedom at Work model into practice

+ Engage in an exclusive Q&A session with Henry Stewart, CEO of the Happy, Ltd. training company


DAY two: morning SESSION > FREEDOM-CENTERED design

+ Introduction to Freedom-Centered Design™, the third dimension of the Freedom at Work Model focused on organizational design

+ Learn about the WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy, the framework for freedom and how to use it

+ Understand the difference between a design principle and core value and when to use each one

+ Discover the key foundational best practices for building a sustainable Freedom-Centered Workplace that will start you off on the right track

+ Explore best practices, case studies, and examples of how WorldBlu-certified companies practice the 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy

+ Learn the pitfalls to avoid when designing a Freedom-Centered Company 

+ Assess where you are now as a Freedom-Centered Company (for those organizations who have not yet taken the Freedom at Work Scorecard™. It is highly recommended that companies take the Scorecard before the Masterclass, but it is not required.)



+ Discover and put into practice the Freedom at Work Map™, a grounding breaking seven-step process developed by WorldBlu to teach you how to strategically design a Freedom-Centered Company

+ Spend the afternoon putting two to three of your biggest challenges through the Freedom at Work Map redesign process

+ Get guidance and coaching from Traci Fenton and members of the WorldBlu team there to help you

+ Present your Freedom-Centered redesigns to the group, gaining new insights and inspirations from your peers along the way

+ Learn the steps for how to take what you’ve learned back to your organization and make it actionable

+ Reflect and celebrate on all you’ve learned

+ Create a lasting support network with leaders in the Masterclass


where is the freedom at work masterclass happening?

The Freedom at Work Masterclass is held at The WD-40 Company, an official WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace, so that you can see and experience what a Freedom-Centered Company is like.

Garry Ridge | CEO | The WD-40 Company

WD-40 Company
9715 Businesspark Avenue (Scripps Ranch)
San Diego, CA

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 16.45.24.png

here's what you'll get when you register

+ The official Freedom at Work Masterclass Workbook

+ A morning and afternoon coffee and snack break

+ Lunch

+ A tour of The WD-40 Company

+ Q&A session with Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40

+ Contact details for all the participants in the Masterclass


pricing for the freedom at work masterclass

The typical fee to have Traci Fenton come and spend two days at an organization teaching the Freedom at Work Model is $25,000. 

With the Freedom at Work Masterclass, you get access to Traci, the Freedom at Work materials you can’t get anywhere else, and a global community at significant value.


1. The Freedom at Work Masterclass (fee $2,497/person) where you will learn:

> How to strategically design, develop, and lead a Freedom-Centered Company.

> How to shift your mindset in an instant from fear into freedom in order to make better decisions – and teach others to do the same.

> How to design a comprehensive Freedom at Work map that immediately addresses core business challenges and outlines action steps.

> How to address core problems using organizational democracy rather than outdated command and control methods.

> How to consciously develop by living the three core attributes of a freedom-centered rather than fear-based leader, and help others do the same.

> Tour a world-class, WorldBlu-certified Freedom Centered Workplace™ and talk with the CEO for an exclusive Q&A session.

> Develop connections and network with other world-class leaders committed to Freedom at Work and similar core values.


2. Bonus #1: The 50+ Best Practices in Freedom at Work (Value $297).

Receive a free bonus of The 50+ Best Practices in Freedom at Work (digital PDF), a curated collection of more than 50 best practices for how to put the WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy into operation, selected from WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplaces and only available if you sign up for the Masterclass.


3. Bonus #2: Up to two hours of one-on-one strategic coaching with a member of the WorldBlu team after the Masterclass (Value $997).

Receive up to two hours of free strategic coaching from an experienced member of the WorldBlu team to make sure you have what you need to take the ideas you’ve learned in the Freedom at Work Masterclass successfully back to your company.


*Regular ticket price: $2,497/person* 

want even more - upgrade to vip!

Do you want to go even further with your Freedom at Work Masterclass experience after the two-day training is completed?


If yes, upgrade to your VIP pack and here’s what you’ll receive –


VIP Upgrade #1:

Get guaranteed exclusive access to Traci Fenton, Creator of the Freedom at Work Model for your one-on-one strategic coaching sessions post-Masterclass. (Value $1,997)


VIP Upgrade #2:

Become a member of an exclusive WorldBlu Mastermind Group that meets for one hour each month for one year over the phone or over video. (Value $11,997)


WorldBlu’s mastermind groups are comprised of up to five leaders from non-competing industries plus a WorldBlu facilitator.


Members use a peer-to-peer coaching model to help each other work through challenges and opportunities related to Freedom at Work and the 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy as well as provide tips, strategies, best practices, and networking opportunities for each other.


Members stay connected and share ideas through their own private Slack group. Being a part of a WorldBlu Mastermind group is like getting up to five expert coaches helping you with your business every month.


Get everything in the regular package plus the VIP upgrade for only $7,497/person (that’s a saving of $6,497!).


*VIP ticket price: $7,497/person* 


reserve your seat now

And as always, the entire Freedom at Work Masterclass comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!


Simply return your materials and notes at the end of the Masterclass if you’re not satisfied and we will give you a full refund.


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The deadline to register is October 23, 2017, so reserve your seat today!


Register Here for the Freedom at Work Masterclass:

Cancellation and Transfer Policy: Tickets are non-refundable, but if your plans change, we offer several options. You may apply your ticket to another Masterclass within one year of the date of purchase. If you cannot attend another Masterclass within the year, then your ticket may be transferred into a credit with WorldBlu, which is redeemable on other WorldBlu products and services within one year of the date of purchase. Another option is that you may gift or transfer the ticket to another person to attend the originally ticketed Masterclass or another Masterclass within one year of the date of purchase. But, we would certainly miss you!

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