Masterclass San Diego 

the power question for workplace transformation workshop

 november 10, 2017 |san diego, ca | 9:00 a.m. - 1:30- p.m.

Discover the Remarkable Question That Can Radically Transform Your Workplace Culture From Fear to Freedom, Resulting in High-Performance Growth

Presented by WorldBlu, and taught by globally-recognized thought-leader and creator of The Power Question, Traci Fenton, this workshop delivers a transformative tool and 5-step method for taking your organization to the next level of profitablility and growth.


This workshop is for anyone who refuses to be a fear-based leader, and wants to create an extraordinary workplace (and an extraordinary life!) using The Power Question method.


Did you know that fear – in the form of stress, bad decisions, micro-management, fiefdoms, impostor syndrome, disengagement, lack of trust, anger, poor communication skills, and so much more – is costing workplaces billions annually?


the main problem > fear in the WORKPLACE

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, fear in the workplace is proven to produce these dysfunctional behaviors:

  • A lack of honest conversations
  • Too much political game-playing
  • Silo thinking
  • Lack of ownership + follow-through
  • Toleration of bad behaviors

Research also shows that fear in the workplace produces over 500 negative consequences, including:


  • Poor decision-making
  • Focusing on survival, rather than growth
  • Inducing bad behavior the next level down
  • Failing to act unless there's a crisis

The Power Question for Workplace Transformation will give you and your employees a proven 5-step method used by thousands of leaders worldwide, to shift your organization out of fear and into freedom, possibility, and growth. 


CEOs say that 95% of their executives don’t even know what their fears are, and how those fears are impacting their decisions.


Fear is the root cause of so many problems that businesses struggle with daily, yet we often address the symptoms of fear – such as disengagement or lack of trust – without addressing the fear itself.


fear in the workplace is costing you money and destroying your workplace culture

Audience (20 of 37).jpgThe traditional model of business – top down, hierarchical, and fear-based – is no longer relevant in today’s post-Industrial Age (if it ever was). It was a model that was often dehumanizing, treated people as cogs in a machine, and thrived on fear.


The secret many leaders of the world’s top-performing, post-Industrial Age businesses now know is this:


Transforming our organizations begins with shifting away from the traditional Industrial Age mindset to embrace a fundamentally different mindset – one that is based in freedom and possibility, rather than fear and control.


A Freedom-Centered mindset allows us to make better decisions, be more authentic leaders, get at the root of challenging problems, and cultivate healthier workplace cultures.


That’s why Traci Fenton created The Power Question, based on over two decades of research and real-world experience.



Traci and the WorldBlu team have worked with some of the world’s leading companies and 100s more, such as the WD-40 Company, Zappos, Menlo Innovations, DaVita, Dreamhost, Happy, Ltd., Mindvalley, Nearsoft, New Belgium Brewing, Widen, and hundreds more, impacting over one million employees in 80 countries worldwide.


Are you interested in building a Freedom-Centered Organization and being a Freedom-Centered Leader?


It all starts with your mindset.


This premier workshop presents a unique, road-tested 5-step process for shifting your mindset – and helping others do the same – from fear to freedom.


We teach you how take what you’ve learned and immediately apply it back at your organization for transformative results.


You simply can’t find this method anywhere else.


are you facing any of these challenges IN THE WORKPLACE? 


 Disengagement  Lack of Trust
 Stress  Anger
 Toxic Culture  Bad Leadership
 High Stress Levels  Poor Communication
 Lack of Accountability  Bullying
 Fiefdoms  Bureaucracy
 Low Levels of Innovation  Lack of Transparency
 Fear  Generational Differences
 Unnecessary Hierarchy  Low Productivity

At the root of ALL of these problems is fear.


If you can relate to any of these challenges, we welcome you to The Power Question for Workplace Transformation workshop!


Instead of using Band-Aid solutions that don't get to the real root of workplace problems, let us teach you how to address fear directly. You'll learn how to break through to the next level, align your team, and create lasting transformation at your organization - while saving time and money.


transform YOUr workplace from fear to freedom with the groundbreaking power question 

Traci Fenton | Founder + CEO | WorldBlu | The Power Question


More freedom and less fear in the workplace creates the optimal conditions for individual and organizational success by releasing the full potential of people through:


✓ A Strong Culture

✓ High Morale

✓ Inspired Leadership

✓ Bottom-line Growth

✓ High Trust

✓ Total Engagement

✓ Increased Innovation

✓ Customer Service Excellence

✓ Healthy Conversations

✓ High Engagement

✓ Clear Accountabilities

✓ Higher Productivity


here's what people are saying about the POWER QUESTION

Garry Ridge.png“I Love The Power Question and Use it Nearly Every Day”

Fear is one of the most disabling human emotions and most of the time is unfounded. The Power Question is a simple yet effective way that we can face the question of fear and conquer it. I love The Power Question and use it nearly every day.
– Garry Ridge, CEO, the WD-40 Company



Barry.png“Traci Fenton Has Changed The World with The Power Question” 

Traci Fenton has changed the world with The Power Question, which has made companies more profitable and more importantly, improved the lives of thousands of people from over 100 countries worldwide.
— Barry Boyer, Former CEO and Chair, Van Meter Industrial



MarthaMay(1).png“I’d Recommend The Power Question Process to Anyone”

I had the good fortune of working with Traci Fenton on The Power Question exercise recently. The experience, and her guidance, helped me identify the level of transparency, vulnerability, and thinking needed in order to evolve our company's culture. I'd recommend Traci and The Power Question Process to anyone - or any organization - needing help finding purpose and focus for your path moving forward.
— Martha May, Senior Vice President - People and Inclusion, Rockwell Collins



China(1).png“Traci’s Simple Process Should Be Every Decision Maker’s First Step in Problem Solving.”

I love The Power Question! It helps bring quick clarity to any tough situation, decision or dynamic – and not just in my business life. Confronting fear is always the first step in making progress. And Traci's simple process in working through fear should be every decision maker's first step in problem solving. 
— China Gorman,HR expert, author, speaker and former CEO, Great Place to Work Institute



22e4e87.png“The Results Have Been Priceless”

I have used The Power Question in my personal life to bring up "difficult" topics with family and friends. The results have been priceless.
— Matt Perez, COO, Nearsoft



Perry Timms photo.png“The Power Question Moved Me Out of a Dependent Mindset to a More Liberated Approach”

When facing a funding downturn due to a client pulling back on scheduled work, I asked The Power Question. It moved me from a free but dependent mindset with the client to a more liberated and adventurous approach to getting more work through alternative angles. It restored a financially independent approach and I found a new client with a regular flow without even looking.
— Perry Timms, Head of Learning Development and Founder of PTHR



Dowds.png“The Power Question is a Tool That Helps Me Reframe Almost Any Decision I Face”

Fear is always one thing, be it large or small, that holds us back on any given day. The Power Question is a tool that helps me reframe almost any decision I face. It brings me back to my core and draws out a passionate being that wants to transform our world.
— Mark Dowds, Chief Strategy Officer, Trov


mike-tuteur-ceo.png“When I Ask The Power Question, I Instantly Remove the Roadblocks To My Best and Most Creative Thinking”

The Power Question has literally transformed my mindset and approach to designing new support solutions to my company’s biggest problems and challenges. Fear is the block that halts our will, our deep desire, to design new support solutions that uplift our people and our organizations. When I ask The Power Question, I instantly remove these roadblocks, blockades, walls and obstructions that block my best and most creative thinking from flowing freely.  When the going gets tough, The Power Question is my support.
— Michael Tuteur, CEO, Votenet


meet traci fenton, leadership expert and creator of the power question


Traci Fenton is the Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, which has a vision to see one billion people working in freedom-centered organizations worldwide. WorldBlu was founded in 1997 and is the largest global network of companies committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace, with clients in over 80 countries globally, representing over $30 billion in annual revenue.


Traci was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as a Top 50 Leadership Thinker, along with other world-class leaders such as Simon Sinek, Dan Pink, Brene Brown, and Marshall Goldsmith.


Traci Fenton.pngTraci developed the groundbreaking Freedom at Work™ model, as well as the Freedom-Centered Leader™ certification programs, and frequently coaches and consults with leaders of companies worldwide, working to embrace a more freedom-centered model. Traci also developed the life-changing The Power Question™ Process.


Traci frequently addresses audiences around the world and has shared her message with individuals from over 100 countries at organizations such as Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, the CIA, South by Southwest, Harvard University, Yale University, the US Naval Academy, and at TEDx.


Traci has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, Fortune, Forbes, the BBC, and dozens of other media outlets around the world, as well as in over three dozen books.


Traci has lived in San Francisco, Indonesia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Austin, and Illinois, and currently resides in Iowa City, which is in her home state. In her free time, she loves to travel, hike, do yoga, ride horses, and go running with her Australian Shepherd, Joey.  She holds a BA with honors in Global Studies and Entrepreneurship from Principia College and an MA in International Development from American University in Washington, D.C.


here's what you'll learn at the power question for workplace transformation workshop


In this half-day workshop, Traci Fenton will teach you The Power Question and The Power Question Process. Traci developed this profound tool and process to teach leaders how to unlock their full potential, as well as the potential of those around them, to breakthrough fear-based beliefs, and to achieve their full potential—personally and professionally.


The Power Question Process has delivered results for leaders in hundreds of organizations worldwide. 


As a result of The Power Question for Workplace Transformation workshop, you will have a proven strategy to work through fear in a healthy and productive way, keeping your organization moving forward. 


Audience (30 of 37).jpgHow long will you have to hunt around to find your answers? Perhaps you’re still going from course-to-course, seminar-to-seminar, trying to figure out how to effectively transform your workplace. 


The problem is that most methods don’t get to the root of the challenge. 


Why should you spend 20 years figuring it out when Traci Fenton and WorldBlu have already done it for you, proving it works with companies worldwide? 


Rather than wasting money and time on one-off workshops, you will gain access to original content and methods you simply can’t get anywhere else. 


Having more freedom and less fear in the workplace attracts the best and brightest talent – and helps unlock their full potential.


You will leave knowing how to put the tools and methods Traci teaches you immediately to work in your organization – and in your life.


Let Traci Fenton and WorldBlu teach you how to do it faster with our proven method so you can start seeing results in your workplace today.


who should attend?

The Power Question for Workplace Transformation workshop is designed for ANYONE open to shifting their mindset from fear to freedom.


It is the perfect training for teams. 


We highly encourage you to send as many people as you can from your organization. 


Space is limited, however, so do act fast!




The Power Question for Workplace Transformation starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. and goes until 1:30 p.m. 


Please plan to arrive by 8:15 am to register, and plan to stay for the entire workshop.


A morning break and lunch is included in the cost of the training.


Here’s what we will cover – 


> Learn how to recognize the many symptoms of fear and how it impacts the ability of you and your team to lead effectively


> Discover The Power Question — the one question that will help you and your team break through limiting fears and power forward


> Engage with the groundbreaking 5-step Power Question Process and learn how to use it to help coach others to break through limiting beliefs


> Discover the “4 Listening Levels” and how it can transform the way you lead and engage with others


> Leave with The Power Question: 30 Days to Living Fearlessly in All Areas of Your Life workbook and journal, which walks you through a 30-day process for living fearlessly


> Engage in a highly-interactive and positive learning environment that will leave you transformed and inspired


> Learn how to take what you’ve learned back to your organization to start applying immediately for fast results!


where is the power question for WORKPLACE transformation taking place?

The Freedom at Work Masterclass is held at an official WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace called, WD-40 Company. so that you can see and experience what a Freedom-Centered Company is like.  

Inside WD-40 Company, a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace

WD-40 Company
9715 Businesspark Avenue (Scripps Ranch)
San Diego, CA

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 16.45.24.png 


+ The official The Power Question: 30 Days to Living Fearless In All Areas of Your Life workbook by Traci Fenton


+ A morning coffee break


+ Lunch 


+ A private Slack Group for post-workshop idea sharing


+ A 30-day practice journal (included in your workbook)


+ Contact details for all the participants in the workshop


pricing for the power question for workplace transformation workshop


The typical fee to have Traci Fenton come and teach The Power Question to an organization is $25,000/day. 


However, we’re bringing you The Power Question for WorldBlu Transformation to you at significant value for only $497/person!


1. The Power Question for Workplace Transformation (fee $497/person).


You will learn: 


> How to identify the many masks of fear, and how fear operates, so you can address it more effectively 


FullSizeRender (1).jpg> How to lead from a place of freedom, rather than fear and control 


> How to use a 5-step process for identifying and overcoming fears that cause us to make bad decisions, costing time and money, and often hurting relationships


> How to coach others to work through their own fears and limiting beliefs, in order to achieve their full potential


> How to address core leadership and organizational problems using The Power Question Process


> How to listen to others at a deeper, more conscious level that helps build connection and trust


> How to have a greater sense of empathy and compassion, rather than judgment and irritation with others people’s fears


> How to cultivate a daily practice of freedom rather than fear in your thinking, transforming your workplace and personal life


> How to create an environment in which people feel comfortable authentically sharing their fears and speaking authentically with each other


> How to use The Power Question Process to create a greater sense of team at your workplace


2. Bonus #1: The 50+ Best Practices in Freedom at Work (value $297)

Receive a free bonus of The 50+ Best Practices in Freedom at Work (digital PDF), a curated collection of more than 50 best practices selected from WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplaces that are putting practices of freedom rather than fear to work in their companies. This is only available to those who sign up for The Power Question workshop.  


3. Bonus #2: The Power Question Community of Practice (value $997)

Join an exclusive, live webinar hosted by Traci Fenton as she guides you through the “30 Day Challenge” of living The Power Question in your personal life, workplace, and community. Research shows that doing something for at least 21 days can help form a new habit. The Power Question Community of Practice takes what you learn at The Power Question workshop and turns it into a transformative 30-day practice, supported by Traci Fenton and the community of friends you will make at the workshop.


*Regular ticket price: $497/person*



Do you want to go even further with The Power Question training after the workshop is completed? 


If yes, upgrade to a VIP package! Here’s what you’ll receive – 


VIP Upgrade: Two, one-hour strategic coaching sessions post-workshop with a WorldBlu Master Coach. (Value $1997). 


These two coaching sessions will be held within the first month of completion of The Power Question workshop and are designed to help you level-up in your practice of living fearlessly at work and in your personal life. 


We’re offering you the VIP package, which normally costs $1997/person for only $797/person.


This means you get everything in the regular package, plus the VIP upgrade, for only $797/person (that’s a saving of $2,494!).


*VIP ticket price: $497/person*


Register today and you get ALL of the bonuses on this page free! 

Get a world-class method used by thousands of leaders around the

world that you can immediately roll out in your organization


As always, The Power Question for Workplace Transformation workshop comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!


Simply return your materials and notes at the end of the workshop if you’re not satisfied, and we will give you a full refund.


Enroll today by clicking your preference below. You'll get an email confirmation and access to a WorldBlu team member who will help you plan your time with us.


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This entire program comes with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.


If you are not happy with ANY part of the program for ANY reason, just tell us at the end of the workshop and you'll receive a full refund - no problem, no hassles, no risk, no worries.


The Power Question for Workplace Transformation will sell out soon as space is limited! 


The deadline to register is October 23, 2017, so reserve your seat today!



Register for The Power Question For Workplace Transformation Workshop Here:

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