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50 Proven Practices in Freedom at Work™

A playbook for building a high performing, freedom-centered workplace

Start Transforming Your Culture Now

Do you want to build a freedom-centered, rather than fear-based culture in your workplace, but you’re not sure how?


In this e-book, we’ve selected over 50 of the most innovative, inspiring and proven transformational practices in Freedom at Work™ from companies that have been certified as WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Workplaces™ over the past 10 years.


Learn how to build a high-performing workplace culture with these proven transformational practices. 


Download our curated collection of proven, inspiring and FUN practices, and let these top companies show you how to get on the path to more freedom and possibility (rather than fear and control!) in your culture. You simply cannot find these practices anywhere else.

Download The 50+ Transformational Practices for just $29!

These transformational practices
will teach you how to:

  • Fully engage employees in a meaningful way
  • Develop better communication strategies
  • Cultivate leaders throughout your organization
  • Build higher levels of trust
  • Scale a great culture quickly
  • Have more responsible transparency
  • Handle failure in a constructive way
  • Encourage greater accountability
  • Hire and retain top talent
  • Engage millennials
  • Unleash more innovation
  • Become more productive, efficient and profitable
  • Develop a workplace culture where people are happy and love to work
  • . . . and more!

Learn how to address these common workplace problems with clear, innovative and road-tested practices that you can immediately apply in your workplace!

Download your copy today and save time and money with our easy to read e-book that shows you how to build a thriving, freedom-centered culture.

Top Practices Contributed by the Following Freedom-Centered Workplaces™

New Belgium Brewing
menloinnovations (1).png
Start With Why

Discover transformational, freedom-centered practices

Learn from small to Fortune 500® companies across a diversity of industries and geographical locations. Inspire your leaders, managers, and employees to solve your most pressing workplace challenges using a freedom-centered, rather than control-based approach.

Learn how to build a freedom-centered, democratic organization from the world’s leading companies!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Freedom at Work™

"Companies with Freedom-Centered Cultures Enjoy Better Returns"

“At WD-40 Company, we consider our people to be one of our most valuable assets. Many years ago we set out to create and sustain a culture that would consistently promote meaningful work life in the organization. We respect each other as people first and strive to include the consideration of the entire “tribe” of WD-40 Company employees in everything we do. We believe that by practicing inclusiveness in decision-making and empowering individuals to control as much of their work methods and priorities as practical and possible, we create a culture of engaged and passionate employees. Third party research has shown that companies with strong cultures and higher engagement levels enjoy better returns and stronger growth. As a publically-traded company, strong returns help ensure that we can maintain our strategic course and strength of culture, while fulfilling our responsibilities to shareholders. ...Read More ...Read Less

WD-40 Garry Ridge
CEO, The WD-40 Company
"Freedom at Work Allows Me to Go “All In”"

“Having the freedom that I do in my work at Zappos allows me to go “all in.” It empowers me to take full ownership over my projects, my career path, and the culture we create. That same freedom affords me opportunities that I might never have had at a traditional company. At Zappos I can reinvent myself daily based on the company’s and my needs. ...Read More ...Read Less

Zappos Krissee Danger
Deputy Chief of Staff, Zappos
"Freedom in the Workplace Creates Trust"

“Working in a Freedom-Centered, democratic workplace means the opinions of our teammates matter. That democratic process creates buy-in, trust and transparency, which has direct impact on our work environment and the culture we call ‘The DaVita Way’. When teammates have a vested interest in fulfilling our commitment to being a community first and a company second – we know we have something really special. ...Read More ...Read Less

DaVita Nancy Walters
Community Enrichment Manager, DaVita
"Freedom at Work Resulted in a $175 Million Sale In Just 2 Years"

“When we started DreamHost in 1997 we knew immediately that the traditional top-down style of management wasn’t going to work for us - we wanted to give our team a voice and a say in the direction of the company. We had created a “freedom-centered workplace” before we even realized there was a name for it! Those values carried through to our founding of spinoff company, Inktank, in 2012. We infused WorldBlu’s principles into our shared thoughts on leadership, organization, and employee participation from the very beginning with Inktank, and it paid off in a big way! Just two years after its inception, Inktank was purchased by Red Hat for $175 million. We saw first-hand that a culture built on trust and shared vision can have incredible value, and so did the 200 people who benefited financially from the sale! ...Read More ...Read Less

Dreamhost Dallas Kashuba
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of DreamHost
"Freedom at Work Helps Us Achieve Our Financial Goals"

“Geonetric is a Freedom-Centered Workplace™ because we remain convinced it’s the best way to implement our mission: to build an exceptional team that does revolutionary work to “wow!” our clients. Freedom at Work means we trust our employees in ways most traditional corporations fear. Our employees are financially savvy; they understand our financial goals and how their team’s work contributes to Geonetric’s overall success. Our employees also understand our clients, their needs, and the ever-changing healthcare market. Because teams are able to organize, prioritize, and manage their own work, they deliver value to our clients faster than ever. The people closest to, and most knowledgeable about, any problem are the ones who are responsible for solving it. The results? Consistently high scores in both client and employee satisfaction, the ability to hire and retain top talent in a highly competitive environment, achieving our financial goals and helping our clients do the same. ...Read More ...Read Less

Geonetric Eric Engelmann
Founder, Geonetric
"Freedom at Work Is Right in Principle and Practice"

“Freedom at Work is right in principle and right in practice. A Freedom-Centered Workplace means one where people are able to focus on simply doing their best, rather than politics and silly rules. It can create a great place to work in, and as result a more effective, productive, and profitable company. Freedom at Work is common sense. Why would anybody want to restrict people’s freedom? ...Read More ...Read Less

Happy, Ltd. Henry Stewart
CEO, Happy, Ltd.
"Freedom at Work Impacted Our Bottom-Line"

“At NRI, the values of “Fairness + Dignity” and “Individual + Collective” drive our belief that we must commit to the people who come to work every day if we expect them to make any sort of commitment to us. Our challenge was to break the industry norm of using temp agencies’ employees and hire people based on values and fit within NRI. We mentored people, set specific goals and accountability, and increased the ratio of NRI employees on the production floor from 40% to 99%. These people are now more engaged, happier, and have seen an increase in pay and benefits, and NRI has seen a 10% reduction in labor cost. ...Read More ...Read Less

NRI Bruce Churchill
Chief Financial Officer, NRI
"Freedom at Work Helps Us Achieve Our Aspirations"

“I believe you achieve your highest aspirations and dreams when you operate from a place of freedom and inspiration rather than fear. Bringing my team into true ownership and vision of sweetriot passes on this energy of freedom-based thinking. ...Read More ...Read Less

sweetriot Sarah Endline
Mastermind & Chief Rioter (aka: Founder & CEO), sweetriot
"People Can Bring Their Best Selves To Work Each Day"

“At New Belgium, we knew early on that we wanted to share the rights and responsibilities of ownership with our co-workers. We initially created a phantom stock plan which has transitioned into a full, 100% employee-owned, ESOP. Part of being an owner here is understanding the business of running the business. To that end, we practice open book management and engage all co-workers in our annual strategic planning. We encourage open and honest communications throughout the organization. You can question, prod and disagree with decisions, which makes for a robust planning process. We feel transparency and inclusivity foster trust and engagement while allowing people to bring their true best selves [to work] every day. ...Read More ...Read Less

New Belgium Brewing Kim Jordan
CEO, New Belgium Brewing